Private School Page – Tax Exempt


A school page helps you support, customize, and scale a quality visual arts curriculum

We provide a private page to host your school’s users and content, and allow school leaders to invite users to the platform, and view the progress of their invitees.

We work with every  school subscriber to curate selections of projects, training programs, and downloads so leaders have control over what content each user is able to view and access. Learn more on the school subscription page.

This is a deposit for schools and organizations that do not pay sales tax. If you are an organization that pays taxes, you need to purchase through this link.

In order for us to process your account, you will need to submit proof of your tax-exempt status.You can email it to us at

After paying your deposit, we will set up a consultation call to determine your goals and needs.

If you need a custom curriculum, you will also need to contact us directly, which can be done by emailing In your email, please get us started by telling us what your specific needs are.


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