Project Review: Embracing Challenges

3rd Grade Artists in Rochester, NY learn how to lean into challenges.

The Project: During the project ‘Embracing Challenges’, student artists learn about four different artists who faced mental or physical challenges and turned these challenges to their advantage. They are then tasked with creating a sculpture, but as they create they are faced with a series of challenges that they have to work through. 

Ms. Lindstom teachers K-6 Art at Discovery Charter School in Rochester NY. She says, “In our room every student is an artist – from developing art to presenting it to the school.”

Students receive art in small groups about once every four days. As the 3rd graders worked, we enjoyed learning about new artists. We went beyond the questions to further understand the different learning challenges that the artists had. 3rd graders didn’t know what most of them were so this was an important discussion time.

The students enjoyed the opportunity to work with a three-dimensional material, cardboard. I forced my students to work off from a 8 inch base. This pushed them to actually cut and break down the cardboard more to make it fit instead of just using a box/egg carton/shape how it already was.

I enjoyed watching them learn about new artists and apply the concepts to their art.

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