Project Review: Me & My Monster

5th Grade Artists in Raleigh, NC learn about visual poetry.

The Project: In ‘Me & My Monster‘,  student artists learn about visual poetry, create a poem about a monster helper, draw a self-portrait, and rearrange their poems in a visual way with the self-portrait.  



Ms. Headrick teaches 5th Grade ELA/Social Studies at Beaverdam Elementary in Raleigh, NC. Her students enjoy collaborating with peers and the community to apply what we’re learning through real-world applications.

Our students have art special once a week, and I try to incorporate art into lessons when possible. During this project,

the students really liked learning about proportions and discovering how to accurately draw a realistic version of themselves. They also enjoyed creating trading cards – and many actually traded them with others!
The students also really enjoyed the part about comparing poetry and songs. They started turning their poem into spoken word with a beat.

My favorite part was the pride they took in their completed project – they felt connected to artists and poets as they completed their own work of art.

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