Project Review: Alebrijes

2nd Grade Artists in Reno, NV learn about Mexican Alebrijes

The Project: In Mexican Alebrijes, student artists learn about the history and creation of a Mexican folk art called Alebrije. Alebrije’s are imaginary creatures, usually sculptural, painted with bright colors and patterns. Students create their own imaginary creatures using collage, draw them, create a background, add texture with oil pastels, and then finish them with a watercolor resist. There is an emphasis on color choices and texture.  


Ms. Mousel teaches 2nd grade at Mt. Rose Elementary school in the Washoe County School District. This year she and her students are practicing mindfulness activities every day so they can begin and end their time together with gratitude and peace.

Our school doesn’t have an art program but I make sure my students have a Doodles Academy art lesson at least once a week. We appreciate this time as a class by listening to soft music and being mindful about our space and our projects. While testing out the Alibrijes Project, the second graders loved making their own animals by cutting out real animals and morphing them together. They also really loved making their animals come to life by adding oil pastel designs and water color paints. Teaching students about warm and cool colors has been a far reaching concept. Students really enjoyed learning these qualities of color and how they are related to each other. They loved this project. They really enjoyed the pictures and videos so they could see what the alibrijes look like when they’re done. They also really enjoyed creating their own animal and their own shapes for the animals. My favorite part was watching their animals come to life through the entire process from the magazine cut outs to the finished products.


I did make one modification. We spent a lot of time talking about make a light outline of a shape. We used a lot of scrap paper so students could practice this before they got their project paper. They had a hard time at first as most children really want to press hard with the pencil and don’t understand how to make light lines.

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