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Curricular Enhancements to Fuel High Impact Learning & Teaching

Implement an impactful art curriculum regardless of what and where you teach. This store is your one-stop shop for curricular enhancements to seamlessly bring art into your classroom.

Lesson Packs

Our Lesson Packs are carefully curated selections of elementary school-aged visual art projects. Each Lesson Pack includes:

  • downloadable lesson plans
  • a scope & sequence
  • objectives
  • vocabulary
  • assessments
  • learning extensions
  • links to professional development pages

Our Lesson Packs are more than just an art curriculum. Every lesson encourages critical thinking, speaking, and listening skills. Students develop habits of mind that they can apply to their art, their school work…and to their life. These sets are meticulously planned, easy to implement, aligned to college-and-career ready standards, as well as to the National Core Visual Art Standards, and require no training to implement.

"Thanks to Doodles I was able to experience what it takes to bring students from conception to completion of a high quality art project. And it wasn't just the kids who typically love art that felt successful; all my students loved the work they produced!"

-David Scholten, 5th Grade Teacher, Portland, OR

Available Lesson Packs